Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mama & Cheese

Andrea has spoken. I've decided these are official words, not just random sounds. :)

- Mama was first. ...because she loves me. :)
- Cheese was second. ...because that's what you say when you take people's pictures.

She says "mama" when she sees me and wants me to get her. She has now learned that a tiny little voice saying "mama" will get me to do whatever she wants! She started saying "dada" too but I haven't decided "dada" means "dada". "mama" had been around a while before I decided it really meant me. :)

She says cheese ("eeeezzz") when she holds the camera up to her face to take a picture. She puts the camera down when she is "done taking the picture"... Then she puts the camera back up to her face and says "eeeezzzz" to take another. LOVE IT! She takes 50 pictures with a "eeeezzz" everytime. To her "eeezzz" has no relation to the cheese you eat.

I tried to make a movie, but she sees my camera and wants it immediatley. We are devising a way to hide the camera to show everyone her cuteness.

She know words now too. Bottle, Brown Bunny, Milk, Squeezies (hugs), Kisses... and she's pretty good at waving whenever she hears the word "bye".

She was a little Scotty yesterday. I was holding her and asking for Squeezies and Kisses... and like a well trained little girl she was giving them to me. :) THEN... I asked for a kiss and she shook her head NO! I laughed out loud because it may have well been Scotty in my arms!!! She even had his same huge smile on as she denied my kiss request. She had the smile he has when he thinks he is being hilarious. :) I kept asking for kisses and she kept laughing and shaking her head no. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen and funniest isn't even a word. :)

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Mads and Kelli said...

I think she says cheese because she wants some mac n cheese that you have stashed in the house! :o)


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