Sunday, October 18, 2009

Michaela's Birthday ***11***

The 4 hour-to-make-cake. :) I'm running out of cake ideas for these children!!!

I'm a little late, but doing my best to catch up. Michaela's birthday was October 10th!! She is 11 and officially old. She had a sleepover party with a few friends and I believe that fun was had by all!! It wasn't even that hard for me... now they don't want to do a craft or games... just sit around and "talk"... I can't decide if this makes me happy or not..

Here in Denmark Michaela's birthday always falls on the October break which is a week long vacation for an unknown reason. So this year we had her party a week earlier. ...On her real birthday Miss Michaela was in Berlin eating Dunkin Dounuts and checking out the Berlin Wall. (...and please remember that her last birthday was in London! ...lucky kid)

So here are her party pictures. The girls watched movies, ate dinner, stayed up giggling until nearly 2am... pretty typical party I guess!

The highlight was Micheala's laptop. :) She has nagged us FOREVER to get her one. (Michaela this is NOT why you got one!!) I am hoping she can use it to help her be more organized with her school stuff... and begin to keep track of her things!


Pete said...

The week long October break (efterårsferie) was originally know at the potato break(kartoffelferie). The potato break was made a long time ago when the majority of Danes were still farmers and a lot of them had potato fields. The purpose of the potato break was that the kids could help harvest all the potatoes this week.
Although today there's not a many potato farmers left and not many kids go out and harvest potatos anymore. But the vacation is still there, but has changed name from potato break to fall break. Today it's the only school break between summer and Christmas.

It looks like some areas of Canada also still has two weeks of potato break:

Tara said...

Potato Break! How cool is that?! It's my new favorite holiday then because potatoes are, by far my favorite food.

I wonder if there are places that I can take my kids to harvest potatoes themselves. A "pick-your-own-potato-patch" :) Pete?

PS - Pete, we went to the chemistry show at the Aarhus festival like you suggested, it was fun - the kids liked the crispy balloons. :) Thanks.

C and H Romenesko said...

Love the new pic on the blog header! Looks like the bday party (and laptop) were a success. Check out that cake, Martha! We'll have to get together soon.

KE said...

what about waffles???????
how could you forget those???????

PiNG aka Patti said...

That cake is extremely cool!!


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