Sunday, December 18, 2011

Glücklich Geburtstag Glücklich

Today is Happy's birthday. It's the day I go through his Christmas presents and decide which ones I can pawn off as Birthday gifts. :)

I think next year we will have a "half birthday" for him because, like everybody else with December birthdays, he kinda gets ripped off a little. :)

The highlight of his birthday was a super bright flashlight which I'm sure will be very useful at somepoint in life... Not quite sure for what though. :)  Is it obvious that he bought the flashlight for himself ...and it was too expensive so it turned into a birthday present.  However, I'm pretty sure that his Birthday Flashlight will burn the retinas of one of our children at some point as well.  It's that bright.

So if you are wondering what to get the guy who has everything... You get him a special flashlight that can light up a room in the middle of the day. :)

Off to go hide the dangerous flashlight so the kids can't find it.

Happy Birthday Happy, we love you!!!


C and H Romenesko said...

Happy Birthday Happy! Enjoy the day and hope the herd is treating you well!
Chuck and Holly

Nana said...

Happy Birthday from me & Craig (Craig & I?).


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