Friday, December 23, 2011



Here is Michaela with her yellow playdoh star that she made when she was three years old.  Little Playdoh Star is too old and brittle to go on the tree anymore, but every year we pull him out and take his picture.  :)

Maybe to a normal person our tree looks tacky, but I think it's awesome.  :)  Every branch has several ornaments on it and his lights are colorful and blinky.  It's a giant, fat tree ...and it's filled with "stuff".  :)  I think trees with "themes" or trees that match are blah and boring.  Of course, if you have a boring, themed tree that matches your curtains and couches ...and it makes you happy, then I'm happy for you and your tree.  :)

Christmas Trees turn into members of your family.  You become instantly biased and love your tree no matter how funky it looks.  :)

That said, the day after Christmas I start looking forward to the moment when I can toss my tree off the balcony and vacuum up all the pine needles! :)

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happy said...

notice the perfect fit....maximum size.


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