Friday, February 24, 2012

Mr. No-Man

Our new friend.  No-Man.  (Andrea doesn't do "S's")


Guess what?  If snow is too cold snowflakes don't stick to each other and it's impossible to make a snowman.  Crazy huh?  Who would have thought it would get TOO cold for a snowman.  Yes, it's been that cold here...  well, it was a while ago.  :)  It's just taken a while to post pictures... I've been a teeny busy with that crazy big move coming up in just five short weeks!


Ever since the snow first hit the ground Andrea had been asking for a "no-man".  The only problem was that, with the snow came -15 degrees C, and I learned really, really cold snow doesn't stick together my Canadian husband had said... but now I actually believe him.  :)

So Andrea and I were happy to have it warm up enough to actually make a snowman.  We rolled and rolled and rolled and she loved it.  She was so excited to see the snowballs getting bigger and bigger.  She pranced around the yard singing "no-man, no-man, no-man".  :)

...and we all know what happened next.

The following day all the snow melted and No-Man's head fell off.  Luckily I saw it first and was able to fix him before she saw her new best friend ohne-a-head.  I quickly stuck his head back on and shoved the carrot back in.  Phew.

...but of course it got warmer and warmer.  Then I started wishing I didn't put No-Man right next to the driveway that we walk up every time we enter the house.   As No-Man kept getting smaller and smaller, Andrea's tears got bigger and bigger.  every. single. time. we walked inside the house.

Now there is no snow left, it's all melted and only a little pile of leaves and twigs are in a pile where No-Man once stood, but every morning Andrea still runs to No-Man's spot ...just in case.  :)


C and H Romenesko said...

You'll have plenty of snow in NH. Nice wet snow for snowball fights or snowman building.

franziengland said...

OMG what a nice and sad story! I loved your No-man! He was big! I am impressed. Haven't had energy to do that big snowmans for years.
But after living in Denmark you should have known about that thing with too cold snow. All Swedes knows about that :) . It is best when it is just a few minus degrees. Poor Andrea having to see her newly made friend melting down!
BUT there is hope for the future, now when you don't move to California :) .


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