Saturday, February 18, 2012

One way tickets!

It's a done deal.

We are moving to back to the States!!!

Happy is smarter than the average boy so he arranged for us to get an all expenses paid trip back home! It's a long drawn out story as to how this all came about so I'll skip it all...  I had wrote a story about how us moving home happened and I personally found my description of the events to be quite tame and amusing  :)  Apparently  even my "nice" wasn't nice... or maybe it's just that some people in the world are so two-faced, deceptive, self-serving, and fake ...and when you really look at their behavior there is just no nice way to describe it.  So I can't say anything at all ...unless you call me.  :)

Despite any drama over the past few months we are happy to be going home.  We have been "gone" for nearly five years and that's a really, really, really long time.  Don't get me wrong, it's been a great past five years.  We've made great friends, we've traveled to amazing places ...but now it's time to go home to our family ...oh, and Fruity Pebbles, Trick-or-Treating, and Chuck E Cheese.  :)

The kids are thrilled....  :)

So knowing that we were headed back to America, we opened up google maps and played einee-meenie-miney-mo with the States.  Not really... but kinda.  :)  I now have a new knowledge of where all 50 states really are ...but I still get Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin mixed up.  :)

Anyways....We had lots of different criteria for the place we wanted to live... and this time we picked a place instead of letting the place pick us.   ...and the winner was .....

**New Hampshire**

Go figure.  :)  I tried really hard for California, even Paul was voting for San Diego, but no matter how we looked at it it just didn't make sense...  :(

But we are happy with NH.  ...and we should be there in just six short weeks!


Anonymous said...

really happy for you! so now send me an e-mail with the details... Hopeing to follow you in a year or so...


Archaeogoddess said...

That sounds great (the bit about going home, not any of the drama and horribleness that came before)! Okay, I only know one guy who came from NH, but he's lovely and his stories about how horrifically cold it is in the winter were really funny! Actually, winter there sounds no worse than Germany or Denmark, so all the winter gear you've built up over the years will still be useful!

And I will try to not beg you for maple syrup. :-D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from a misplaced American living in Denmark.

shellyk said...

Live free or die! Just thought you should know your new state's slogan in case there's still any chance of you moving to the Land of 10000 lakes. That's Minnesota...we're right close to Canada...don't ya know? :)

franziengland said...

I am really glad for you! But we will miss you here in Europe a lot! I want a copy of Hilde's email :) . With all the detail about how you picked NH, PLEASE!
Hugs to all of you!!!

newfoundlanderinnh said...

Tara, I am looking forward to meeting you! :)

(Sam's wife!)

newfoundlanderinnh said...

Tara, I am looking forward to meeting you :)

(Sam's wife!)


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