Wednesday, April 11, 2012

3 out of 4 school

Quick little update on school!  

Today is Day 2 for Scotty.  He started yesterday and had a great time.  He said he's made friends and his favorite part was computer class.  Nothing too exciting for now, but he likes it and his teacher is really sweet.  Scotty will even get to ride the bus which stops at the end of our driveway at 8:30am ...his school doesn't start until 9:00AM!!  Crazy!  ...but it's nice because he can hang out and play computer and watch cartoons while I get the girls out the door for their school ...which starts at 8:00AM!

In Germany, ISH started at 8:30, which is really in between Scotty's late starting, 9AM, school and The Girl's early starting, 8AM school.  I'm not sure why I find 8:00am super early, and 9:00am super late.  Maybe it's because I'm stuck in my ways and pretty opposed to change.  I guess 8:30 was just right.  :)  I guess I'll have to get over it.

So tomorrow Scotty will ride the school bus to and from school ...and there is a pretty good chance I'm going to be the crazy mom who follows it in the morning and then in the afternoon be at the school to hide behind the corner to make sure The Boy gets on the right bus to come home.  :)  I will admit to doing that with Michaela and Sierra when they rode the bus in Oregon. :)

Michaela and Sierra started school today (Tuesday).   They were supposed to start school Monday, but the lady who registers new kids wasn't there on Monday...which might have annoyed me had the school counselor not stopped by my house on Easter Sunday, on the way to her mom's house for dinner, just to tell me to bring the girls to school on Tuesday instead of Monday.  :)  Guess she couldn't get through on our phone.  :)

Michaela and Sierra had a good day, nothing too exciting was reported, but there were no tears and both are willing to return so I'm going to go ahead and call it a success.  :)

As for Little Andrea ...I'm holding off on picking a preschool for her until we find our permanent house so her school will be close to us.  I found a few playgroups and music type classes that I still need to look into.  Poozie is pretty jealous that all the other kids get to go to school.  :)

That's all I have... just trying to to fall behind.  I'll have pictures eventually...

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franziengland said...

You don't take any vacation! Off to school already. Very well done!
Glad to hear it went fine even if I am not surprised. We know your children are easy going and used to move and meet new friends. But you never know for sure, so it is good to hear it went fine this time too!
Look forward to hear more when you settle down. Hugs.


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