Monday, April 16, 2012

NH Pictures

No time to write.  :)  I'll let you figure it out by looking at the pictures..  Better than nothing!!

Easter Egg Hunt at park.
Tons of free books at the Library.
Squirrel Friends in the backyard who love peanuts.
#1, 2, 3 signed up for soccer.
I coach #2.
#3 signed up for T-ball.
Andrea loves her Puky bike and we take it everywhere.

My favorite part so far:  Not taking the kids to school, talking to random people while shopping, and eating cereal.

I'm going to eat cereal and go to bed.

I think I have a cereal problem.

At least cereal is fortified here, so I'm pretty sure it's giving me all the nutrition I need.  :)

PS.  Kids got sunburned yesterday at soccer!  It's supposed to be 32C tomorrow!!!  I don't know Fahrenheit  yet ...I'm sure I'll turn back into a good American soon enough!  The nice weather has made all the difference.  Go NH!


Kelly said...

I love your pictures! The weather looks great, and I saw Cheez-its in one of the airport pictures, yum! Can you believe that's the last trans-atlantic flight for a long time?? No more having to go through customs and 12 hour flights to get home to see family?

franziengland said...

Thanks for sharing all those pictures! It looks like the trip went really fine!
I CAN'T believe you signed up as a soccer coach the FIRST thing after showing up in NH. They must be SOOO happy to welcome you to the community!
How is school going now after some more days?
We are VERY VERY jealous of your weather. Over here it is BAD!
Thinking of you and hope everything step by step become like you wish for!


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