Friday, May 4, 2012

Jug Handle on IN!

I'm having trouble finding things to write about... and I'm sure this blog will become more about my normal life with four kids doing normal kid things.  Pretty soon Nana and Grammas will be the only ones who read it.  :)

Anyways I realized I do have things to share about New Hampshire...  like this sign! 

There is a main road here (that leads to Target) and along the way if you want to turn left at a light you actually have to "exit" the road onto what they call a "jug handle" because the road looks like a jug handle attached to the milk carton of a road.  Weird.  

So to turn left, you exit the main road to the right, go around a corner, and come to another stop light.  At that point you can go straight, completing your left hand turn, or turn left, the equivalent of a U-turn to go back around onto the same road.  

I guess it avoids having a left hand turn lane on a road that doesn't have room for one, but I haven't decided if I like it, but at least now I can remember where they are so I don't approach the stop light in the left turn lane and get irritated when I realize too late that I should have "jug handled in" to the right.  :)

Okay, I just noticed this...  The Jug Handles are numbered.  They really are like exits.  Weird.  The one in the picture is Jug Handle 2W (west).  I saw one on the other side of the road today and it was 1E.  HA!!  :)

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franziengland said...

I really like to read about your everyday normal life in US, so count in me together with gramma and nana as a blog follower :) !
And btw, normal to you might not be normal to a Swede like me ;) !
I think the road solution prevent lots of cars who wants to turn left not to be crashed in to from someone behind not noticing they stand still.... kind of something like that. The coolest thing is the sign and the name "jug handle" :) .


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