Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cape Cod Kids!

So on the spring break the kids had we went to Cape Cod ...the place us cool people living in New Hampshire like to refer to as, "The Cape".  :)  ...and while in "The Cape" one must visit the Cape Cod potato chip factory.  So we did, and it was good.

We traveled with the only other family we know here in NH, a friend Paul has had since college.  His friend thankfully has two girls and Sierra and their oldest have been inseparable within seconds of our arrival here.  I am sure this accounts for 80% of Sierra's happiness here in NH.

While on "The Cape", we stayed at The Cape Codder of course...  it's a hotel with a big wave pool in the middle.  We swam in the morning after breakfast and in the evening after dinner and during the day we drug the water-logged, wrinkled kids out on little trips to Main Street and the beach and the chip factory.  It was fun to get away and now we have officially been to Massachusetts.

I had decided that driving through Massachusetts on the way somewhere didn't count as visiting.  We are about twenty minutes to the border, but I think anywhere in New Hampshire is 20 minutes to a border.  It's a teeny tiny state.

PS.  In case anyone is wondering ...there is a rule on what places you can count as "having visited"...  You have to sleep there.  If you didn't sleep there, you just passed through and it doesn't count.  Sorry.

Here are our purple toes. (Me, KE, Pooz) Andrea is obsessed with purple...  reminds me of a Little Bear that once wore all purple to her purple decorated party where she had a purple cake and purple presents that were wrapped in purple paper.

Look Papa!  We went to Craigville Beach and played in the sand and thought of you!  It was so windy and freezing cold so we had our picnic in the car.  :)  I forgot to get some sand for my collection so we will take you back there when you come visit us!

Here's another new thing I've never seen before.  :)  It's a SWIMSUIT WATER EXTRACTOR!!  Stick your dripping wet swimming suit in, close the lid, and it spins it like a little centrifuge. Very cute, but very useless.


franziengland said...

I love to see all the new posts here!!! Keep on writing!
It is so much fun to go explore a new area! And you are really good at that!
Great to have made some good friends already (or have a chance to meet up with old friends actually at this case). I'm so happy for Sierra! What about Michaela? Some nice potential friends in her new school?
Take care!!

shellyk said...

All those year of living in California, and you'd never seen a swim suit water-extractor!?!?!!! That's funny! :)


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