Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's happened...

I am a mini-van mom ...sliding doors and all.

HOWEVER ...I'm a cool mini-van mom because I can push a button to make the doors slide open and close.  :)

(In my mind I've never owned a mini van.  A mini van has to have cheesy sliding doors and I've never owned a sliding door car.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Anyways, when we moved to Denmark five years ago we couldn't bear to part with our trusty, blue 98 Honda Odyssey.  It was our favorite little car so we kept him safe and sound at my grandma's house where my Uncle loved him for us; washing him off every now and then and replacing a battery or two.  :)  We drove him during our three weeks in California every year.  What a good, patient, little car.  :)

SO ...when we moved to New Hampshire we had him shipped out from California to meet us here...  He enjoyed the trip and was happy to be with us full time; one of the family again.  :)

Our trusty little blue Honda was getting lonely though so we bought him a red friend to hang out with in the driveway, an updated version of himself  ...one with a sunroof, 15 cup holders, and fun seats that move all over.  The kids think it's great and so do I.  It's huge!  I can fit our whole family AND all the soccer and T-ball equipment we need every Saturday morning.  :)

No, the blue Honda hasn't become "Paul's car".  Happy has found a special car for himself ...in California ...so we are shipping that one out too.  :)  Soon the two little Hondas can hang out with an Audi of some sort.  I hope they play nice.

We do realize that this now means our family of two drivers will now own three cars.  The blue Honda will hang out in the driveway and if Michaela plays her cards right she could be the coolest 16 year old cruising around New Hampshire in a vintage automobile!  


Kelly said...

I'm so jealous of your sliding doors and room, and I bet even though it's a big car, you can fit it into almost every single parking place wherever you go.

franziengland said...

That's amazing. You kept the car during all the years abroad!!
Big car with sliding doors is VERY practical and that counts too when it comes to everyday life! Enjoy it!


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