Sunday, May 13, 2012

Go CUBS!!!

I love T-Ball!  I can't believe I almost missed this part of life by living in the baseball-free zone of Europe!  AND a special thanks to Kelly's husband, Matt,  for taking Scotty out in his yard a few days before we moved here.  Matt started throwing a ball to my son who was wielding a bat and little Scotty starting hitting home runs, seems like he is a natural!    (PS.  My blog.  My permission to brag shamelessly... Facebook or Blog and I pick Blog...  then I can print my "brags" into a book one day...)

Here is also where I have to tell the famous story of me being the only girl on a baseball team when I was younger.  When the boys would make fun of me, the coach would have us line up, race across the field and I'd beat all of them ...then they couldn't make fun of me.  :)  Scotty obviously gets his athletic ability from me.  :)

He's number 15...  See his big perfect throw?  :)

Adorable?  Yes, I know... thank you!

Here are T-Ball rules:  they don't keep score, you swing until you hit,  you can only run one base at a time, and nobody ever gets out ...but it's great fun to watch!

...okay, it's great fun to watch while your kid is the one actually playing.  Honestly it's 85 minutes of being bored and five minutes of frantic cheering.  :)  Watching small children try to hit and catch a ball does have it's amusing moments though.

AND... Scotty did so good on his first game that he was given the game ball!  So of course, like the supportive mommy I am, I rushed out the next day and we bought a case for it.  :)

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franziengland said...

I love the new head photo with all the children (except cute A) in yellow clothes!
Can you recommend a good website for printing blogs and turn them in to a book? I would like to do that too when we move back home.
AND the most important thing:
GO SCOTTY!! Show them where you come from! I am really impressed!


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