Saturday, May 5, 2012

PROOF: USA is the nicest country on earth.

I found this sign at the library.  It says, "Interpretation Services Available".

Then it says, "Point to your language.  An interpreter will be called.  The interpreter is provided at no cost to you."

It is written in Arabic, Armenian, Hindi, German, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Thai....  it is written in 20 different languages!!  I do wonder if someone would actually show up able to speak every language, but I'm sure a phone call could be made

...but, who knows, maybe they do have a back room full of 20 interpreters just waiting to speak to someone. After all, it is America, and America is awesome like that!  :)

HA!  Thinking back now, I should have pointed to the German to see what would happen.  :)  Maybe I will try that next time.


Anonymous said...

I like the "point to" guess lots of interpreters will be called in just because people "point to" the paper since they want to share it with their companions ;-)
Enjoy the nicest country!


franziengland said...

Yes, really nice ;) !!! But it would have been even better with a Swedish sign and can you immagine how surprised you would have been if you pointed to that one and I showed up!
Can't believe you didn't do the German one. Please do next time! Ha ha.


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