Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rescue Mission

A story I would like to have remembered forever prove my love for Poozie...  or at least my love for Brown Bunny.

Over the summer we drove to Canada... a solid nine hour drive.  On the way back to New Hampshire we had three hours to go when we stopped for our lunch break at a McDonalds in the middle of New York.  We quickly ate, let the guinea pigs nibble on grass, stretched our own legs, and hopped back into the car.

We got home in record time, early enough to spend some time doing nothing before getting the kids to bed!! YAY to us for being awesome road trippers!!!  Only one small detail  ...and I knew it the minute the car stopped.


We left him in New York.

I was beside myself.  One might have thought I had left an actual child behind...  I started tossing things from the car hoping to find Bunny.  The driveway was covered with our belongings and I knew he wasn't there.  He was in New York.

I was devastated.  Poozie had no idea, she was already happily running up the stairs into the house and I was left alone in the driveway tears ...without Brown Bunny.

I did what any mother on earth would have done.  I went back for Bunny.  Paul insisted I call the McDonalds first and luckily I had actually noticed the name of the exit we were at.  I called and they had Bunny!!!!  No, mailing him wasn't an option.  I didn't want Rabbit leaving McDonalds.  I wanted him safe in one spot.  I begged with the woman on the phone to keep him safe and I told her I'd be there in three hours.

At midnight I pulled into the parking lot of the Mohawk Ridge McDonalds in NY.

I stood in line patiently and ordered one Brown Bunny.  The cashier brought him out and it was such a relief just to see him!  As I stood there crying with Bunny in my arms I couldn't even explain to the confused cashier of how appreciative I was for everyone who was involved in the return of Bunny.  I'm pretty sure the customers behind me thought I was nuts.

I got into the car and drove the three hours back home.  Bunny sat on my lap the whole time.  I ate an entire bag of sunflower seeds just to stay awake.

Bunny and I got home at 3:00 am and we crawled into bed.  I slept with Bunny all night.

Bunny was returned to Poozie the next morning ...she quickly grabbed his long, floppy ear and ran off ...with little visible appreciation and zero knowledge of the six hours and $150 in gas that it took to get her best friend back.

Poozie loves Bunny and so do I ...maybe a little too much.  :)


C and H Romenesko said...

Hey T-
Yep, you are crazy. Sheesh the things parents do for their kids :-)

And, hey great header pic!!
miss you.

Archaeogoddess said...

That's awesome! And I would have done the same. Only with cans and cans of Red Bull instead of sunflower seeds, but, eh, details.

Ingrid said...

This is SUCH an amazing story Tara! You will tell it over and over again for Andrea!! Probably even at her wedding...
We have the same story in our family, my older sister dropped a teddy bear at a gas station (before I was born) and the crises was enormous!!
Your children have the bestest MOM ever!!!!

shellyk said...

You just made me cry a are the best mom in the world!!! I was just looking at pictures of Andrea and brown bunny 2 days ago, and loving them. Miss you guys! :)


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