Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nana and Sandy came to visit!

I feel the need to report that Nana is fine.  :)

Nana came to see us and in keeping with tradition she brought a natural disaster with her.  The last time she came to visit us she brought a volcanic eruption in Iceland ...with this visit Nana arrived on Saturday and Sandy the Hurricane arrived on Sunday.   :)

We are definitely not in the path of the hurricane, we are about four hours north of it and I was beyond surprised when we got the automated phone call Sunday night that school was cancelled on Monday.  The kids went to bed Sunday night happy they got to sleep in and Nana went to bed happy she would get an extra day of having the kids at home.

Monday morning it was cloudy and a little rainy, nothing that would have indicated "hurricane" ...so we went out for breakfast.  :)  The rest of the day was uneventful, Paul and I split up to do some grocery shopping and Nana played with the kids all day long.  It finally got windy around 3pm, but nothing that I would have imagined would have justified closing school, but oh well...  :)

THEN...  :)  Just as I started cooking dinner the power went off.  Perfect timing!  Now I had a really good reason to NOT cook dinner!  :)  ...but Happy, being the boy scout he is, was prepared.  (Note: Paul is not a boy scout.  I'm pretty sure he is a boy scout drop out, but Scotty just started in cub scouts and so now I know their motto is "Be prepared" ...hmmmm, actually I think it's "Do your best.".  Oh well... I thought I was making a joke.

Anyways....  Happy had bought a generator when we moved here and I didn't even know a normal person would own one of these things.  Up until now I didn't even really know what a generator was.  :)  It's this big thing that runs on gas and it gives power to your house ...or most of your house.  Ours doesn't run the oven or dishwasher and only runs half the lights.  Apparently in New Hampshire you have to take power into your own hands because when the power does go out, it can be out for a very long time.  So when the power really did go out it was almost fun to turn on the generator and make ourselves some power!  :)

Ten minutes later the power came back on.

I had to cook dinner.  Ugh.

I cooked dinner and no kidding, the minute dinner was done, the power went back off.

So we turned the generator on so we could have lights... then we turned the OFF lights to eat by candlelight because it was more fun that way.  :)

We were only without power for a couple hours, but not really thanks to Mr. Generator.  I think the next time we lose power we will hold off on starting the generator on.  Paul was just excited to try out his new toy to see if it worked.

As for the weather yesterday, it was just windy and rainy.  We didn't notice anything hurricane like.  We went to bed Monday night thinking we would have school the next day, despite all the other nearby towns having cancelled.  I woke up at 5:45, checked websites and email and since there wasn't any indication of school being cancelled I woke up all the kids.  As sure enough, as soon I manage to drag Sierra's sleepy butt out of bed the automated phone call comes... school has been cancelled again; this time not due to weather, but due to power outages and road blockages.  So it was 6:10 am and all the kids were awake... it's going to be a long day...  We made some hot chocolate, sat by the fire and watched the news for a while.  Michaela was the only one smart enough to go back to bed.

Currently it's 8:00 AM on Tuesday; it's not rainy or windy and we have power in our house ...as well as four school aged kids.  At least it's another day with Nana.  :)

From watching the news it seems New York has had better days, but here in New Hampshire we are a little wet, but just fine.

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