Thursday, October 4, 2012


My friends are awesome.  Holly has now traveled to three countries to see me ...four if you count the time she drove across Denmark to help me cook food for our "moving to Germany" party.  :)

I think the last time I saw Holly was when she came to see us in Canada ...I think the last time I saw her husband was when he flew through Hamburg and I met him at the airport for the hand off of a suitcase full of American goodness that Holly had packed special for me.  :)

I totally miss my international friends, so having a familiar face to hang out with was beyond wonderful! ...besides, Holly and Chuck were the best guests on earth!  How many visitors do you know who would show up AND cook dinner for you!  Holly is a great cook so for fun I like to send her pictures of the horrible things I do in the kitchen.  After she got this picture:

...she decided I needed help.  :)  HA!  This was my attempt at being fancy.  Maybe it can be a contest to guess what on earth they are.  :)  I'll tell you later....

Anyways, Holly taught me how to make a great stuffed chicken dinner and we even made our own pizza - including the crust with real pizza dough ...that used real yeast!  I've never used yeast to make anything, much less something that needed "kneading"!  It was fun!  The best part was letting the dough grow and then punching it down.  :)

Holly and I also did some sightseeing.  We went on an adventure to look for "New England Fall Colors".  Apparently people come to New England around this time to look at colorful leaves.  :)   I think the leaves all changed from green to beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows a few days after Holly left,  BUT we did see Covered Bridge #65!!  :)   Apparently people come to New England to see covered bridges too.  :)

Really though, we did see pretty leaves, the bridge was cool, and it was a fun day with just the two of us!

The next day Holly and her husband took off to Vermont, but came back in time to make cookies with the kids. :)  ...and the following day they ended their New England tour with a drive through Maine on their way back to Boston to catch their plane back home.  They are professional travelers.  :)  Love them both!  I'm really glad they came to see us.  Thanks guys!!!  :)

...okay.  The picture.  They are potatoes.  Sad, wrinkly, salt covered potatoes   :(  I tried to make some salt crusted potatoes, but I'm pretty sure I used the wrong salt and I know the egg whites didn't help.  They looked like snow balls.  Ewww..  So salty you couldn't even bite them.  I had to serve them because we had guests and I had to give them something so I rubbed the salt off and tried to wash them off.  HA!  Fiasco.  They were wrinkly and gross and I'd rather never think about them again...  but here I am posting the picture for the world to see.  :)


Anonymous said...

I knew it! I saw they were potatoes.. I guess we have the same cooking style ;-)) Although you really top in the birthday cake department ;0


Ingrid said...

I thought it was potatoes with seeds on :))) !
I can see you had a great time with Holly! I think I met her in Denmark, so I understand you like her a lot!
THANKS for your email! I got it but haven't replied. Working takes all my time.... Hugs.

C and H Romenesko said...

T - We had an AMAZING time visiting! I'd travel across the pond many times over to hang out with you...and of course the funny kids and hubs. Last night Chuck came home from work, knocked on the door and said...."the door's closed, it's me....Chuuuuuck" LOL! Miss you!

I owe you pix of covered bridge #65!!


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