Wednesday, October 24, 2012


KE is 14.  I forgot to mention that.  Don't feel bad though Michaela, because as Happy pointed out last night, I'm not a very good blog writer anymore.

Michaela's birthday happened long ago on the 10th, but her main gift was a weekend at a local Anime Convention that just happened this past weekend.  Anime has seemed to have overtaken my sweet daughter's life, but as a result of this new hobby she has made some nice friends who enjoy the same thing; and even better, she has traded aimlessly trolling facebook with writing her own little anime stories.  I'm not at liberty to discuss the content of this stories, much less post them...  something to take up with her on your own I guess!

PS.  On her real birthday she had an away soccer game and didn't get home until late so we took her out for dinner the night before where my little birthday girl consumed an entire rack of ribs!  Oink Oink.  :)

...and if you want to know what an Anime Convention is you'll have to google it, but Michaela and three of her friends had a great time dressed as the characters of Black Butler.  Very cute/amusing.  Her cake was the character she dressed up as...  well, the cake was the character she dressed up as, when that character is a guy.  Very confusing.  I just smile and go along with it ...because what else can I do?  :)  Can you even pick her out of the group??

Happy Birthday KE.  ...even though I kinda want to strangle you on a daily basis, I still love you lots.  Promise.

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