Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Operation Candy Corn

Yesterday I went to Target and bought a bag of Candy Corn.

Technically, I bought two.  :)

...and a cute ceramic pumpkin to hold them.

At this time of year, for the last five years, I've begged and pleaded with friends and family to send me candy corn.  This time I bought mine own after hours of aimlessly roaming the aisles of Target while Poozie happily drank her ICEE and munched on salty popcorn.

Life is pretty good huh?  :)  Although I can't brag about America too much ...well I can, but I try not to.   :)  When I talk to my friends who are still "stuck" in Europe I try to avoid mentioning all the American Awesomeness I once again have.  ...I never mention the SB word (school bus).  

I once had to block a friend on facebook after she moved back to the States.  For 100 days she posted "100 things I now appreciate about America" ...so while I was stuck in Germany she was just reminding me about things I had forgotten about!!   It was just too depressing and I couldn't emotionally cope with it.  Then I couldn't figure out how to "unblock" her so I had to "de-friend" her, and then "re-friend" her.  (I'm not very good at facebook) I think I eventually admitted to her about what I did... :)  Sorry again KP!  Still love you and your recipes

ANYWAYS....  This year I have access to candy corn and I'm willing to send it to those in need.  After being in Denmark and going through my first European Halloween without candy corn I've decided that nobody should have to do that.  Give to those less fortunate right?  That's what my mommy taught me, although I'm pretty sure she wasn't talking about Candy Corn.

It's now my own special mission to spread candy corn across the world.  My husband will be so proud.  

I'm pretty serious, let me know if you want Candy Corn.  :)

Only rule is that I only send Brach's, original candy corn ...none of that new caramel or chocolate flavored yuck.  :)


Anonymous said...

Ha! I like it that you are early with Halloween! It will take at least 6 more weeks until it arrvives here in Denmark.. and then even... Fortunately our new school will also allow the parents to organise a Halloween party! No trick or treating I guess, since there are not to many houses in the neighbourhood, nor crazy Americans enough to post flyers in the mailboxes... Thank goodness there are no pogo sticks in school though ;-)


Kelli Nørgaard said...

Is it sad that the #1 thing on my shopping list for next week in the US is CANDY CORN?!?!?!?
I absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

just saw Halloween pumpkins in Fakta today! So I have to take back my previous comment ;-)



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