Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Scotty is **7**

Look who is 7!  Guess it's a new tradition to have a pancake in the shape of your new age.  :)

...and yes, the new seven year old is drinking a coke with his pancake.  I'm not sure how drinking coke became so important to him, but for whatever reason Scotty has been talking about Coke for months now so he was promised a Coke on his birthday ...and it was his idea to have it as soon as he woke up.  Pancakes and Coke.  Yum.  :)

Scotty's only other request was to go on a "fast" boat ride in Papa's speed boat so while I made countless seven pancakes in an attempt to make the perfect 7 pancake, Scotty zoomed around at the front of the boat enjoying his first day of being seven!  

To celebrate the rest of Buggy's birthday we drove to the Holiday Inn where we have stayed every year ...just so he could swim in the indoor pool and play air hockey.  :)  He swam around for a couple hours and then we went to have dinner with Paul's friend ...which was cute, because it was a friend Paul has had since he was born so I'm sure this friend was at Paul's seventh birthday party.  :)   After dinner we went back to the hotel and had some more air hockey fun.  :)  

We actually had a birthday party for Scotty AND Sierra the weekend before when ALL the cousins were up at the cottage.  Any family event in Canada is a ready made party with kids everywhere!  :)  This trip Scotty bonded with Paul's sisters kids who LOVE minecraft as much as he does.  Hence the minecraft cake...  :)  Scotty LOVES this game.  I don't really get the point, but apparently the zombies come out at night to get you, but they are square-ish zombies so they aren't scary... you defend yourself from the zombies and...  I don't really know, you also grow watermellon and bamboo to make things with on a crafting table ...which you also make.   HA!  I don't think there is a point.  :)   BUT he loves it and tells anyone who will listen ALL about it...  :)  

Scotty informed me that the creeper (green rectangle man) should have had feet.  Yes, Scott....  next time I will put feet on the creeper.

Hey Brett.  Scotty loved the legos you sent him!  I think when we get together next time we should have a HUGE MEGA party for EVERYONE's missed birthdays...  xoxo  Miss you guys!!!

Scotty would have loved to have spent his birthday with his Germany friends and it makes me feel terrible, but all in all, Scotty had a fun day and didn't dwell on what his birthday would have been in Germany.

I did.  :(   Holidays were hard in Europe because I missed my family, but now the events we would normally spend with friends ...like birthdays and ummm... regular ole' weekends.   Those are the hard times now.  I miss my friends.  Europe can still get torn down to make way for another America, but I just want my friends!!  Waaaa!

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Kelly said...

I finally got around to reading the blog with Brett. He says "Awesome, that's good luck, Scotty." I'm not sure what the good luck thing is, but that's just what he said. Krista started saying she loves Andrea and kissed the screen a few times. Glad Scotty liked the legos! Can't wait to get together again all 11 of us. :)


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