Saturday, September 1, 2012

The last four year old!

My little Poozie is four.  She is the last of the kids to turn four.  There will be no more children turning four.  Four little years of Poozle.  It's been fun AND amusing to say the least.  :)

This was the first year she has had her birthday in the United States.  :(   I guess because out of those four years she has only lived in the United States for five months.  I wish I could have invited all her friends to a big party like we would have done in Germany.  I miss them and I know she does too.  Anyways...  before I cry, let's get back to the benefits of America.

Chuck E Cheese.  Dairy Queen.  Online Target shopping.  Chocolate Lucky Charms.

We went to Chuck E Cheese with our NH friends and then out for ice cream at Dairy Queen afterwards.  Andrea had a really fun time and she was so happy it was REALLY her birthday.  She's pretty good at declaring random days her birthday and demanding presents; so this time we had fun celebrating her REAL birthday.  :)

Here is her Kirby cake.  She LOVES Kirby.  It's all she wants to do Kirby on the Wii.  :)  ...and after the Kitty Cake Disaster last year there was some concern before we cut Kirby.  She told us that, "when we eat Kirby I will cry".  Great.  We talked her though it and promised a picture so she can look at him forever. In the end it was a happy event.  No tears were shed in the eating of Kirby.

Special thanks to Michaela for the consultation on the appearance of Kirby.  Her "constructive criticism" was kinda helpful.  :)

...but not really.  :)

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