Sunday, September 16, 2012

LilyTruck and Buttercup

I'm not going to try and catch up.

It's true.  I'm bored of typing on this thing... yes, I know that my faithful followers ...all 12 of them, are sad ...but don't worry, I'm not quitting.  :)  I'll TRY to keep typing just because I think this is a really cool way to "record life".   Just like the journal my mom always told me to keep when I was little.

What if I hadn't started this blog when we moved to Europe??  I might have forgotten all the things that happened, but now my grandkids can look through and read all my stories.  Just the other day I spent a good two hours reading my own blog.  :)

So although I'm not going to try and catch up I do need to mention that we have two new members of the family.  Buttercup and LilyTruck.  We have them as replacement pets for the cute little hamster Sierra had to leave behind in Germany ...and I just learned today actually, that unlike hamsters who live for approximately one year, guinea pigs can live for up to ten years!  Super.  Lesson learned...  Research life expectancy of any potential pet.

At least we bought used guinea pigs so they are already a year old, but it seems I have seven more years of waking to the demanding squeaks of these two furry piggies.  If they don't get their morning carrot within two minutes of seeing me in the morning, they go crazy.  BUT.  They are cute.  :)

They came to us as Buttercup and Lily, but Andrea wanted to rename them Truck and Bob.  I have no idea why, but the kids compromised.  Sierra fought to keep Buttercup Buttercup and Lily became LilyTruck because when there is food in the case she will run over everything, including Buttercup, to get it; you know, like a truck.

Since they are IN the family now, we took them on vacation ...all the way to Canada.  We set up a little corral for them when we stopped for lunch and they munched on grass and the lettuce from our cheeseburgers.  Needless to say we got some looks from people.  :) Once we had them set up behind a McDonalds in order to avoid the looks, but then a tour bus pulled up and next thing we knew people were taking pictures with our pets.  Someone asked me, in broken English, if they were rabbits.  :)  We let the kids from the bus pet them for a bit ...then we packed Buttercup and LilyTruck up and went on our way.  :)  They were surprisingly good little travelers!!


Anonymous said...

Although I don't comment often, I'm one of your faithfull readers... nr 13 then I guess ;-)
P.S. life is not changing overhere in Denmark, new school, same weather, more pets (cat,bird and 2 goldfish).

Ingrid said...

I am also faithfull :) ! You don't need to catch up, I am happy for all the posts you have time to do and as you said it is a good diary at the same time. You didn't tell who is who at the photos... ;)
"Used guinea pigs", that is such a good expression. Better pet than hamster actually, more social. Rikard's was actually so social that his mum had to carry him around in her apron's pocket and pet him now and then :))) (long time ago).
Good luck with the new family members!

Nana said...

Can't wait to meet them in person!


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