Tuesday, September 4, 2012

12 Year Old Bear

Sierra is 12!


 A Bear cake for my Bear.  Eww....  :)

Sierra was really excited to have her actual birthday in Canada this year.  Usually we are back in Germany because school starts so early there.  This year it worked out perfect or did it work out "perfectly".  mUm?  :)  We don't know many people in New Hampshire yet so we cashed in on the "instant party" that all the Canada family getting together creates.

Sierra's birthday day wishes were specific.  :)

First off was breakfast at Angels.  It's a diner with not so good food, but it has really yummy milkshakes ...or so I'm told.  :)  We picked up some cousins and wallah...  party!  We even made the waitress put a candle in her breakfast. 

After breakfast we spent some time at the before mentioned "cousins house".  They live on a real farm.  90 acres with donkeys, cows, and CHICKENS!!!  Here are some fresh eggs Sierra gathered.  :)  So cute!  The chickens, however, are not cute... they are ugly as sin.  Oh well.  My sister in law did get me a "How to Raise Chickens" book so I might just try it next year.  Getting eggs in the morning was super cute!

After a short stop at their house I took the girls shopping at the mall.  It was a free for all at the mall, which really meant two hours in Claires (a jewelry shop for kids), and multiple grab bags from another Claire like store.  The girls had fun shopping though and it was cute to watch them browse for hours like good women should.

After shopping we went back to the birthday hotel for swimming.  :)  Eventually every cousin ended up at the hotel!!  YAY!  I thought the cottage was crowded with 12 kids and 6 adults.  Room 170 was even more crowded!  This particular hotel has a huge courtyard with air hockey and pool tables and a few video games.  Our hotel room opens right into the big area so it's perfect for a party ...plenty of room.  Except for tonight when they had a big teachers convention and we couldn't use the area.  Pizza was eaten the room by 12 children  and I wasn't surprised when I found pepperoni in my bed at the end of the night.  :)

For the most part Sierra got some small presents and CASH.  :)  She has been saving for an iPad and she actually had enough to buy one!  She is a happy kid.

I made everyone take this picture for Paul's parents.  Who else has a picture of all of their 12 grandchildren on one hotel bed!  :)

Have fun being 12 Bear!  I love you!!

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