Monday, February 25, 2013

Rabid Squirrel

Rabid Squirrel on the Loose in Sierra's Room... 


Oh, wait...  I did that...  and it only took me a month to get it done.

This is my wallpaper hell.

After removing the wallpaper in Michaela's room in just a few hours I had such happy feelings about removing wallpaper.  Scotty was even excited to get to do another room!  Our fun lasted about eight seconds when we realized only the top layer was coming off ...and Scotty ran off, "no thanks mommy, you can do it..."

The stuff I had to scrape off is the backing which stuck to the wall with the gluey-est glue on earth.  I made a hot water softener concoction and had to soak the wall before I scraped it off one tiny piece at a time.  It took weeks!  ...mostly because I had to keep taking breaks because I'd get so annoyed and mad at the wall I'd have to put the sharp object I was holding down for the safety of everyone in the house.  UGH.  I'm glad most of the hard part is done, but it's not finished yet...

I still have to go back and scrape more glue off.  You can't see it, but you can feel it.  I need to wipe the walls down and scrape at them one more time.  Then I get to go back sand it all.  Then I get to primer it.  Then I get to paint it.  ...and I have to do the trim too.  Yah...  I'll just keep putting it off.  :)

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