Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sappy (Sam+Happy) Pond

The pond has been renamed.  Sam earned himself half a pond after a solid afternoon of snowblowing the blizzard off the ice.  At least it was a nice day.  :)

Before New Hampshire taught me the ways of snow living I never knew a snow blower existed.  It's a cool thing; it's not like a leaf blower like I had thought.  It's more like lawn mower / walker for old people ...like a rototiller.  You walk behind it and it twirls the snow around like a lawn mower and then spits it out really far, making a snow rainbow...  I'm think you can adjust how far it blows which makes it pretty cool.  ...still not sure how it sucks the snow up.

...okay, I wrote that first part a while ago, but I still have to tell everyone how a snowblower works because I find it kind of amusing....

Despite the "storm" outside right now it's warmed up and I think our skating rink is out of action until next year.  :(  How crazy is that that I am almost sad that it's getting warmer!!  The pond was fun. Scotty loves it and we are starting to acquire ice hockey equipment for next season!

I'll miss the pond, but I did buy ten frog catching nets at Target today and I've decided I want to stock it with fish and I've told Happy to make a floating dock... with a detachable section that turns into a raft.  :)   I'm sure the warmer weather will make me plenty happy!


The zamboni cracks me up!  ...and it really works!  The ice is much smoother, but still has the "charm" of a pond.  :)

(yes Ingrid, that's our house..)  :) 

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