Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I had no idea my little Andrea was getting so big!!  I never would have guessed her tiny teeth were even old enough to fall out.  She's barely five!

Sure, she's mastered sarcasm and eye rolling just like her older siblings ...she even has a pretty good "whatever" going on, but even still, she seemed like my Little Poozie.

A week ago I was at Sierra's open house at her school and she sent me a video of Andrea's TWO WIGGLY TEETH!!  As I watched the movie I gasped out loud at the back of the room ...only loud enough for the back few rows of parents to turn and stare, but I couldn't believe it...TWO wiggly teeth!  And today Poozie has a tiny hole where one of her tiny little teeth were.

For the record (since that what this blog is) ...her class went on a field trip to an apple farm to pick apples today.  I'm pretty sure that a few bites of apples fresh off the tree caused this little tooth to loosen up quite a bit today.  :)  However, technically it didn't fall out while eating the apple; it fell out right after she ate a tiny green sucker.  She had finished the sucker and was chewing on the stick and POP.  Out fell the tooth!!

There was minimal drama, but there was a few seconds there where I thought the whole event would go horribly wrong.  When Andrea showed me the tooth she seemed pretty concerned.  I quickly put on my excited face and proclaimed a party was in order!!  She was then a little worried when she saw some blood, but I told her it was from her tooth, not her mouth and that seemed to make it all better.  :)

Then I lost a tooth.  I lost the tooth that Andrea lost.  UGH!

Parenting at it's finest.

- Little five year old loses her very first tooth and entrusts her mommy to hold it so that it stays safe until bedtime for the tooth fairy.
- Mommy places tooth in the kitchen on a piece of paper even though she was thinking how bad of an idea that was as she was doing it.

(Mommy was obviously tired from her long day and clearly not able to be held accountable for being making such a dumb choice of leaving a teeny tiny white tooth on a big white piece of paper on a huge and cluttered kitchen counter.)

Needless to say I panicked twenty minutes before bedtime when the tooth was no where to be found.  We swept and searched everywhere.  I had no choice but to "borrow" a tooth from Sierra's collection of broken teeth she's been saving up.  (Ewwww, but thankgoodness!!)

Yes, I was less than truthful with Poozie.  I gave her Sierra's broken tooth and acted like the world was good.  I'm sorry Andrea, but the tooth fairy was so excited to take your cute little tooth she took it from the counter while we weren't looking.  It happens sometimes.  Impatient Fairies....


Anonymous said...

hahaha! love to see that you posted something again... Good thing also that Andrea is not able to read... yet ;-))
greetings from sunny Copenhagen!


Nana said...

I can't believe it either! She's too little! Tell her good job from Nana!


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