Thursday, October 24, 2013

More Happys in NH

Baby steps to starting my blog again...  

Here are lots of pictures from waaaaaaayyyy back when Paul's sister came to visit us for two weeks during the summer.  Two weeks is BY FAR the longest time we have spent with Sandra and her kids, but it was really fun to get to know them all better!

During their time here we ate.  Lots.  Everyday.  

Good thing Sandra cooked us dinner for the most part.  :)  I stole some of her recipes and as a matter of fact we are eating her white fish and gnocchi recipe tonight!!  

The lobster dinner was the most amusing.  :)  Everyone ...EVEN THE KIDS their very own lobster.  None of us really knew what to do with it though.  :)  Sierra tagged out.  She doesn't eat birds or crustaceans.  I predict she will be vegan one day.  Anyways......

We also had water fights and played on the trampoline...

AND then it was the Fourth of July!  YAY America!!!  Oh, I forgot about Canada Day.

 First it was Canada Day!!!   YAY Canada!!!

Which was really the only reason I had to make a American Flag cake.  I can't be outdone by the Canadians and we all know life is a competition in which I must win.  :)

For some American culture we went to Boston and wandered the streets for a while.  We didn't go anywhere in particular, but we had researched where to BEST ice cream place was in Boston.  Sandra and I thought we would treat the kids to the best ice cream ever at the end of the day so off we go.  We finally made it there and it turned out to be a little cafe in an interesting part of town...  Very yuppie-ish.  ...and the ice cream was very special indeed.  All natural ingredients.  All organic.   All disgusting.

$75 dollars later we left and the kids were slightly grouchy about the event.  I couldn't argue with them, Michaela's mint ice cream really did taste like bad toothpaste.  It was like they tried to flavor it with REAL mint leaves, the nerve!  Oh well, it's not like we walked two miles for this special ice cream or anything.  ...Oh wait.  We did.

Sandra and kids have already booked their stay for next summer and a good thing too!  Things fill up quickly here at the Happy Hotel.  We only had eight nights of vacancies this summer...  otherwise we were booked every night.  Please place your reservations as soon as possible to get the best room.  We won't turn anyone away, but you may end up in a tent.  :)

AH.  I left out beach pictures.  

We went to the beach on the Fourth of July weekend.  CRAZY crowded, but it was fun and we got to stop and eat at Petey's which is our new favorite "clam shack" on the coast.  :)

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