Sunday, January 26, 2014

I wrote BOOKS! :)


Look what I made!  I printed two books; one of our time in Denmark and one of our time in Germany!  

These books are my blogs!  :)

First of all I can't believe I wrote so much!!  

Second of all, I'm super happy I did!  I might have forgotten about that guy in the parking lot I cursed with living in Denmark forever or the time I was threatened to have the Danish cops on me because I was forcing my daughters to play volleyball against their will.... or the time we tried to make corn dogs in oil so hot it would melt metal!  ...and my stories are complete with pictures!  

The books are really cool and I'd be more than happy to print one for someone if they want some good reading!  (only $130)  :)  HA!

I do think it was well worth it.  What if the internet crashes??  I'd lose my blog forever and all the pictures and everything.  I'd be sad.  :(

There you have it...  my books.  :)


Anonymous said...

that is a great idea!
And happy that you are still alive ;-)


Nana said...

Where is the "like button"? Glad you did that!

Craig Burgi said...

We want one. Mom will mail you the check. Then we will HAVE TO COME to New Hampshire to get we will have a fun visit!

Ingrid said...

GREAT IDEA! I've been looking for a way to do it. Glad you find one! I agree, can't Believe how much I wrote....
Besides that, just wanted to check in and tell you I miss all my friends from Denmark. I hope you are doing great. We are, but there is a lot of work for all of us, all the time.
Lots of hugs to everybody! Ingrid


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