Friday, October 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Blue!

It was Blue's birthday last week.  He's two!!!! 

Two Pet Birthday Rules:

1.  Kids are in charge of Pet birthday cakes.

2.  Same species have to share their birthday AND their cake.  We are not making three cat cakes and having three cat parties.

This rule goes for stuffed animals too, because a while back when Andrea decided it was Bunny's birthday we all thought it was cute so we bought presents, hung streamers and made a cake.  ...the next day she told us it was Cutie Pie the lobsters birthday.  Turns out she just wanted to eat cake.

I just did the math ...we eat 11 birthday cakes a year.  That's a lot of cake!

Here is Blue's cake.  It's our yard and pond because Blue loves going outside and getting muddy and eating sticks.  It also has peanut butter poo on it.  Nice.  Good job Sierra.  :) 

Blue invited his best friend Tucker over and they had the best time ever.  Tucker belongs to Michaela's boyfriend and we can't even say his name in the house because Blue goes crazy.  Blue loves Tucker!!

Can you even tell which one is Blue?  :)  Funny huh?

Blue's birthday dinner was roasted hot dogs on the fire.  Well, he didn't officially get fed any hot dogs, but we drop enough to make the two dogs happy.  :)

The amusing part of the night was when the two dogs snuck out of the house and to the pond.  Soon eight muddy feet were running through the house.  Party over. :)

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Nana said...

Aww, happy birthday Blue! Very nice job on the cake and I assume Blue is the one sitting in HIS chair. The two dogs could be twins. Now you have to do a report on Michaela's birthday. Yes, you do eat a lot of cake!


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