Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My mornings...

Sharing this is almost embarrassing, but maybe a mom somewhere will find it and realize she isn't alone!  ...and if I wasn't so opposed to posting things on Facebook I would post it there to show a realtistic view of a mom's life.  I dislike Facebook because it's just become a place to openly brag about all the crafts you make or board games you play with your kids or simply how magical your husband is because he put love note in your lunch ...and if you've posted any of these things recently, sorry.  ...but really? ...do crafts and love notes give an accurate description of your day or does throwing a box of frozen shrimp at your temper tantrum throwing kid hit a little closer to home?  Be honest.  :)

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook, similar to my relationship with Walmart.  Anyways....

This picture sums up my entire day ...which is fine; I'm happy to be busy and stressed and overwhelmed, because in the end my kid makes it to the bus stop on time, dressed in an adorable outfit she picked out, and eating a healthy egg.  So 👊🏼💥.

Great.  That sounded like a Facebook post.  Ugh.

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