Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I'll try again...

Like the good daughter that I am I called my mom on her birthday a couple days ago and she finally made me feel sufficiently guilty for not sharing any pictures for the last however many years.  oops...

I quickly text-ed her three pictures, but the guilt remained here I am.  But even as I try to post pictures I realize ALL my pictures are being backed up by my wonderful husband who claims I have about 4 million too many photographs.

Anyways, these old iphone pictures will have to prove my dedication!

Michaela is a SENIOR in high school and Sierra is quickly following as a SOPHMORE!   Scotty starts 5th grade and Andrea is in 2nd!!!  Everyone is growing up!  Ahhhh!!!

Yah, I don't know why Michaela and her boyfriend, Kyle are upside down.  I can't fix it.  Kyle should just be happy he made it onto my blog after nearly two years of hanging around my daughter!

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