Saturday, September 5, 2015


Hey mom!  I just bought an app for your birthday!

See, I figured out the problem of why I can't seem to continue to write on this wonderful blog.... I never use my computer; I do nearly everything on my phone!  Weird huh?  :)

Finding my computer and then finding a charger is apparently too much of an effort for me!  Sad, but true. 

...and one of the very, very few things I do regret is NOT writing on my blog for the past two years.  I missed some good stuff!  

So.  Thanks to this handy little $5 app I can now post from my phone.  

I can sit here on my phone, drinking my coffee and watching the news AND then if I decide I want to share something I can!!!!  As Andrea would say, as the good New England Kid that she is, this app is wicked awesome!

So on that note, here is what I've decided to share...

Bunny had a bubble bath.  Andrea has always said that "bunny smells like the best smell in the whole world", but yesterday she decided he needed a bath.  

I had to agree and said I would wash him when I washed clothes next, but she clearly had a different plan as her eyes filled up with tears and she explained that bunny is her best friend and we can't put him in a washing machine with dirty socks and underwear.  I suggested maybe he rode along with only soft fluffy dirty towels, but no way.

That led to a bunny bubble bath and I am sure glad we cleaned her best friend!!  That water was disgusting!!!  Bunny actually had THREE bubble baths ...and he might still take a ride with the towels as soon as a certain little girl bounces onto the school bus one morning!!!


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