Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Senior Pictures

I am awesome.  Yes, I realize these are pictures of Andrea and Michaela, but this is all about ME.

Since Michaela is a SENIOR this year she apparently require many things ...one of those things is senior portraits!  If you have been in my house you will know that I do not have any "portraits" of any kind hanging on my walls.  I think I was traumatized at the age of 16 with a "Glamour Shots" photoshoot and I never recovered.  Plus I think Senior Portraits was made up by a group of bored photographers....  whatever.  She needs a picture for the yearbook and it has to be "special".

PS.  I'm not a uncaring mom.  I happen to have pictures that Michaela and Sierra painted in Kindergarten ...framed and hanging on some of our few remaining walls.  ...just because I have zero pictures of Andrea and only two of Scotty in the entire house means nothing.

Anyways, I was overwhelmed with back-to-school-everythings-times-four, so I scheduled a senior portrait photographer for the low price of $150!!!  Then I smacked some sense into myself!  $150 for a yearbook picture (that's it)??  Uh. No.  So I cancelled, and I felt bad, but I have mouths to feed ...alot of them.  :)

I decided with my fancy camera I would take my own pictures.  So I called my real photographer friend from Germany and got some tips then I bribed Andrea with fruit snacks and I practiced....

She's not smiling, but she's not giving me the evil eye so it's a win ...and her eyes are the perfect mix of everyone in the entire family.

It was Michaela's turn and here is what I came up with!  I love it.  It looks just like her.  It makes me smile.  I was looking at a college website today and started to cry.  I will miss her.  Okay.  Moving on.  So.  I'm not going to try and "Glamour Shot" her; she is Michaela and she is almost a grown up!  AHHHH!!!!!!  I guess technically the least of my problems are senior pictures.  Now I just feel the need to take a nap and stare at my phone...  Ok.  Moving on.

Senior Pictures.  I took them and I'm awesome, but I have no idea how to submit the photograph with the right digital pixels per inch whatever, BUT I do know I saved $150 so now I can pay for ten minutes of college!  

...and yes, mom, I'll print you whatever size you want of it!  :)  xoxo

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Love them!


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