Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nana and Papa are Here!!

Nana AND the kids LOVE raspberries so as soon as Nana and Papa arrived today we quickly whisked Nana off to pick berries.  Okay, that's a lie; half the kids LOVE raspberries... As we were getting ready to go Andrea and Sierra informed me they HATE raspberries, but I informed them that I didn't care and they were going to go and pick berries with a smile.  They both gave me identical scowls, but once we got there Andrea realized she did in fact LOVE raspberries!!  Yay!  Sierra... not so much.

Sierra said she wanted to like them because they were small and cute, but she just couldn't.  Oh well.  Sierra still had fun picking up other things...  This particular little toad peed all over her and she didn't even flinch.  Ewwwww.....

Papa is on team "HATE raspberries", so he tagged out of the picking, but later he was involved in some competitive games of Go Fish and Chess.  :)

We wished Nana and Papa lived closer and we decided they just need to come out here more often!  

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