Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Fastelavn!

Happy Fastelavn!

Fastelavn was yesterday and it is a holiday similar Halloween - kids dress up in costumes and hit wooden barrels filled with candy, like a pinata. Then they eat Fastelavnbollers which are cream filled donuts (without the sugar, therefore without the taste). They looked fun though! We ate our "not-really-donuts" and filled our barrel with toys, candy, and money like good little Danes and let the kids attack it with an umbrella. Scotty even took some good swings at it, but got bored until he realized there was good stuff inside.

It snowed really hard for about an hour today too so the kids had something to play in. **AND we made new friends** Some boys from across the street came over and said "We would like to play." It was an english phrase taught to them by their parents, but it was cute and did the trick. Even though the girls had just came inside and were all soggy, they went back out to play with their new friends. YAY. The boys spoke a little English, but kicking a soccer ball and throwing snowballs really doesn't need much discussion so they all played until it got dark.

They have five kids in their family so they obviously aren't Danish. : ) They are from Africa and here for two more years like us. Their mom, who I met later, speaks very good English so she is my new friend. :) She has a little girl who is two so I'm happy Scotty has a friend too. Scotty even went outside near the snow, but was careful not to step in it... not even his toy trucks could lure him into the scary white stuff.

Oh, and the picture of Scotty laying sideways on his bed... He is sleeping! It was nap time, but we heard him playing with his toys and just let him be since he was playing nicely. After a while when we checked on him we found him like that - asleep. :)

...and all the kids in the other picture- They are some of the kids from Paul's co-workers families. We had them all over for dinner one night.


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