Saturday, February 16, 2008

Spain Pictures

We're home!!! I know I've put alot of pictures, but it's just as easy to post five pictures as it is to post seventy-six pictures so.... (I took WAY more!)

Well, Barcelona was interesting, not quite what I expected - It reminded me more of Mexico with Euros instead of Pesos. :) We had a wonderful time though and it was good to get away from the house for a while and have some warm sun to play in.

We went hiking in the mountains of the Monserrat which is a Monestary high, high in the mountains. We took a train an hour outside of Barcelona and then a cable car and a funicular to the top where we found trails... so we went hiking for a few hours. It was perfect weather too!

We went to Park Guell, which is a super big park like area in Barcelona. This involved hiking too - we made it all the way to the top where we could look out over the entire city.

I was very proud that we didn't rent a car - we took the subway, trains, and buses! And didn't get lost at all!

I'd love to go back and just play on the beach in the warm weather. I think I'll go look for flights after this. :) Flights within Europe can be very cheap! We paid almost $400 for all five of our round trip tickets... We only paid the taxes, the ticket cost 25 cents. Going to Spain for the weekend isn't an outrageous plan!

I saved the best part for last. We fed PIGEONS. It was hillarious, the kids LOVED it. Even Scotty had pigeons landing on him. Sierra had four on her at once, and Michaela had one on her head for a while. I'll post those pictures in a minute. I probably took more pigeons pictures than necessary, but I don't care. It was great!

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