Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blowing Bubbles

There is the little one Blowing Bubbles.

...okay, actually I thought it looked like he was smoking, but Paul decided he was blowing bubbles and we thought that was a little more appropriate. :)

He has the correct number of arms, legs, toes, and all other little parts. The due date is August 2nd and with any luck we may just have a July birthday instead of another August birthday! Next month we go back for another ultrasound and that's when we can find out if it's a girl or boy... if we want. :) I'm pretty sure we want.

It did make me feel better to see a high-tech Danish machine with all the buttons and lights like the ones at home. Maybe this won't be so bad.


1 comment:

Corrine said...

Little "bubbles" is beautiful!!!
I was so surprised to see it.
Can't wait to know if bubbles is a girl or boy. Luv ya!


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