Thursday, January 31, 2008

Grocery Bags and Cheeseburgers

Americans should use re-usable grocery bags.

Here you pay about 50 cents for every shopping bag you get at the store. This new, annoying cost was definitely the incentive for me to start bringing my own reusable bags to the store and even then loading up the arms of all three children to carry any extras to the car. After two months of this, bringing my own bags has become a habit, so I think everyone should do it. The Disney channel said every family uses 500 plastic bags a year. Not me!!! ;)

Danes should eat cheeseburgers with their hands.

I noticed the other day while sitting in a cafe that these two girls were eating their cheeseburgers with a knife and fork. The cheeseburgers were messy and I decided they were being sissys for not just picking it up. Then I noticed a guy doing the same thing! It just so happened that I was waiting for my cheeseburger, and it was a big and messy one too... so I ate it with a knife a fork just in case that was the rule.

After some cultural investigation I learned that in Denmark you eat Cheeseburgers with a knife and fork unless you are at McDonalds. Then I thought back to all the other times I just picked up my big and messy cheeseburger and ate it right there in the restaruant. Oh well...


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PiNG aka Patti said...

The first time I made hamburgers my Danish husband started with a knife and fork and I have to admit, I lost my mind. It just bugged me soooo much that I had to stop eating and tell him to pick up his burger! I have since changed his burger eating habits - at least for the burgers we make at home. :)


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