Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Complete Danish Experience

So. Before we left home Paul and I decided that we needed to experience the Danish lifestyle to it's fullest. ...and how else better to do that than to have a baby here!

As some already know - This August, the sixth, and final member of our "not-so-little" family will arrive in a Danish hospital, delivered by a Danish doctor, and hopefully with the help of some Danish drugs! I can't say the thought doesn't scare me to death, but I guess there isn't much we can do at this point except hope for the best!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and the whole process seems a bit similar I guess. Yes, my doctor speaks English. Some words she says are wrong and it makes me smile, but I get the point... They ran all the same tests as I've done before. I go in again tomorrow for a "scan" which could mean ultrasound, but I'm not sure. :) I'll drink lots of water just in case.

Good thing this isn't my first or else I'd already be on a plane home!

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