Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Things I like about driving:
- The "get-set" light. It's the red and yellow light together and comes right before the green. "Get Set!"
- No stop signs, only yields. Yay!
- Roundabouts are okay, but sometimes- unless you are brave, you'll never get a turn.

Things I DON'T like about driving:
- Bicyclists (sorry dad). Bikes are like annoying flys pedaling everywhere. They have their own roads next to the car roads and sometimes their own lights, but they come out of nowhere and I'm going to hit one eventually.
- Parking Lots. Parking lots are silly here. You can go in 13 ways, but out only one way. Actually, we did go to a Parking Garage and it was full so the little gate made us wait outside. When a spot became free (a car exited) the button lights up and you race the other four lines of people to push that button to get your gate to go up. If two gates go up at once it's a RACE to find the free spot! the musical chair car commerical. It's just like that! Maybe I like parking lots, they do have signs up around the outside telling you how many spaces are free that very second.
-Right Turns. There is no "right-on-red" here. Needless to say that after 15 years of turing right on red, I still do out of habit... and that is me running a red light. :) Oh well, at least I look first.
-Pumping gas. You have to hold it the entire time, no little thingy to hold it for you so you can sit in your car instead of freezing outside...


Craig said...

Taking pictures of light while driving....lookout, you don't want a fender bender. But then of course you know that already.

tara said...

OH- My dad is hillarious! :)


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