Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Scotty loves apples :)

Scotty and I go shopping and he always gets an apple. I do have to bite off the skin for him or else he ends up handing little chewed up pieces of skin as he bites them.

They sell most fruit and vegatables by the piece here. It's usually 10 pieces of "whatever" for 25 kronner ($5.00). So after years of trying to find the little smaller and lighter ones - we now just find the biggest "whatevers" we can. Bananas, Oranges, Potatoes, Pears, etc...

I think it's more simple that way... and I can pay for an apple core at the end of the trip and not feel too bad about it.

This picture is when we were shopping at one of the "malls". It's the downtown walking street area: several streets that are mainly for walking. They are filled with all different shops and cafes and other things... toy stores, shoe stores, hardware stores... like a mall - except you are cold while you shop and end up browsing in stores much longer to avoid going back into the cold.


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