Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Bus

I have mastered the Danish buses... Well, I didn't get lost at all today so I'm feeling pretty good about it! Much better than the second day when the kids and I ended up soaking wet in a dark alley hiding under some scaffolding in the pouring rain while trying to make it to school. :) Today we even rode a bus to take our new ice skates to the public (free) ice skating rink downtown.

I've been testing out the buses to see how difficult it is since we aren't too excited about paying $80,000.00 for a Ford Escort to drive. Scotty loves them and there is a stop at the end of our driveway. We'll see how it goes, but the buses go everywhere and pretty often; and not like in the US. For real. Most people use them and it's rare to have a two car family here (I refer you to the $80,000 Escort mentioned, and then go ahead and throw in the $9.00 for a gallon of gas, and then try to park the thing somewhere downtown -UGH)

I'm not passing judgment on the buses yet, I'll try for a bit more. As for my dark alley story... It was dark because the sun wasn't up yet, and alleys are pretty common here so it wasn't scary or anything, we found an umbrella in Sierra's backpack and made our way to a coffee shop where we stopped and had some fun hot chocolate and waited until another bus came along. Hot Chocolate is a cup of hot milk and a chunk of chocolate on the end of a stick that melts in the milk! YUM. ($8)

Pictures are of Sierra and her friend Alex at PE at school. :) They are having an ice skating "unit" and go once a week. We bought some skates to go on our own since the rink is free. The other is of a.... guess..... It's a fish stick. We were a bit concerned there was a head and fin and tail inside, but it was just shaped that way. ;)

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