Sunday, January 6, 2008


It snowed! It also snowed a bit last week, but it was just a light dusting of snow that kinda stuck to the ground. This time the grass was white and snowballs were thrown!

All day Saturday the snow fell, sometimes really hard and it blew everywhere like a little mini-blizzard. The girls loved playing in it. The BOY did not. Scotty doesn't like the cold wind in his face at all so he was harder to convince to go and play outside. We brought some snow in, but he didn't want to touch it. :)

Sierra wrote in her journal that night, "Today was the best day of my life." :) She has enjoyed scraping frost off of the railings and tables and making little dirty frost-balls; so to play in fluffy, white snow was a real treat.

Saturday night it must have warmed up and rained a bit though because we lost some of our snow today. There was still enough to make a pile in the front yard and bring out the sand toys though and play a while. (Figures that Denmark would warm up just enough to melt our fun.)

School tomorrow - YAY.

sorry for the sidways pictures, i'll fix them later...

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Craig said...

Very nice...lots of snow fun. Guess even snowed in the California foothills just west of Tracy. Lot's of rain out here...a couple of days ago, over 1 million people in Northern California lost their power....about 200,000 were still without power two days later.

Sierra...I'll be anxious to hear about what you've written in your Journal.


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