Sunday, January 20, 2008

Scotty Talks

Scotty talks all day... he even likes to hum along to songs.

He says:
No, More, Stop, Help, Whoo Hoo, Yay, Me, Go, Down, Slow, Fast, Meow, Ice, Maa, Daddy, Whee, Oww, Off

I'm sure there are more and perhaps if I was a good mommy I'd write them down or something. :)

He'll imitate just about anything and some things he ends up repeating later... He counts along with the TV and sings along with the ABC song. My favorite is LMNOP which sounds like "lalalaPPPP"

It's cute, but now not so much when he screams STOP at me over and over again. Quite the little independent boy...

That's all for now, I figured I should type something. :) I'll put pictures on soon - I still haven't figured out how to print them out here. There isn't a around. BUT if anyone gets a package of pictures from they're from me!

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