Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mr. I'm-So-Funny

Scotty thinks he's hillarious. It's funny to see how much of a sense of humor this little boy has. When we read books at night I'll ask where the blue car is and he'll point to the red. I'll ask where the red car is and he'll point to the blue one and cover his mouth with his hand and just laugh. :)

He says his shoes go on his ears.
He hides his fork under his plate at dinner and then asks where it is.
He says he's a cat and then barks.
He runs away with the kitchen rug saying it's his "B" (blankey).
He acts like he's going to share his food with you and then eats it at the last minute.

One may think he's just a little on the dumb side, but he just laughs and laughs after all of his little "jokes". I think it's too funny that this little two year old thinks he's the funniest thing ever. I guess his mommy was voted Class Clown in high school... :)

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