Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day & Easter

It's St. Patricks Day. But Shhh... I don't think anyone in Denmark knows that. I haven't seen any signs of shamrocks or green anythings. We still ate our green dinner and wore our green today!

Easter is coming soon though. Easter, or "Paske" as Michaela taught me today, is this Sunday - as in the States... but there is no Easter Bunny. This is sad but unfourtunately makes perfect sense. How is a bunny supposed to make his way over oceans? Santa has his sleigh, the Tooth Fairy can fly, but the Easter Bunny cannot hop that far, it would be unsafe. This is why he only visits the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America... (even Hawaii is out!)

So there are no bunnies or plastic eggs to be found in the country of Denmark... We will hardboil our eggs and dye them with the food coloring we brought from home and then roll them down a hill! : ) Danes also send anonymous letters to people a few weeks before Easter and if you can't guess who gave you the letter then you have to give that person a chocolate egg on Easter. If you do guess who gave it to you then they owe you a chocolate egg on Easter. I already owe two little girls chocolate eggs!

I'll be sure to put some pictures of our Easter fun. Being the wonderful mommy that I am I found wooden eggs which we painted and will hide ourselves! :) We may end up hiding them in a hotel though because we are headed to Berlin for the next week!


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