Monday, March 31, 2008

Berlin Pictures

Here is Berlin. : ) We didn't try to see too much stuff and we always made it back to the hotel for nap time so we all stayed happy.

We saw the Reichstag which is a big parliment building... It looks really old and "european" but the top is a modern-ish giant glass dome with a walkway inside going round and round to the top. My favorite part about this was that it was rainy and hailing and windy and cold and people were waiting TWO hours to go inside the dome. We walked up and discovered the special "children" enterance and walked right in... didn't wait at all! YAY. The walkway turned into a long heeley ramp for Michaela and her shoes though so it was a highlight of the day. I still think we should have rented the kids to the people at the back of the line for 100 euros so they could skip the line too!

We went inside the Berliner Dom (Cathedral) too. It was huge and we walked all the way to the top and went around the narrow roof walkway on top... That was a lot of steps!!

It was pretty cold and windy the whole time so one day we hid inside and played at the Legoland Discovery Center. We visited the Sony Center and Potsdamer Platz, saw some Berlin wall... and even bought a piece : ) We also did some shopping at a giant mall and tried to take advantage of the cheaper-than-Denmark prices. We went in the big train station; Scotty loves trains!

...and we ate lots of yummy food and bought too many souveiners so I guess it was a successful vacation. :)


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