Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Visually Imparied Persons

Is the term "Visually Impaired Persons" more politically correct than "Blind People"? Either way Denmark has a lot of blind people here.

I'm interested to know if there is maybe something in the water that caused this and there is a above-average number of blind people here OR if they just choose to get out and go places since buses go everywhere and Danish people are so friendly and willing to help others. (I hope the sarcasam was sensed in the last sentence.)

I see at least one blind person with their cane out walking a day... Often two and sometimes more. I've seen a few seeing eye dogs, but it's usually just a person on their own, with a cane. They get on the bus and function just as normal people. So when I think Denmark is bad I'll just remember that it can ALWAYS be worse - I could be blind and living in Denmark!

I looked on line for Blind information: Here are your two interesting facts for the day...

- 90% of the world's blind people live in developing countries; there are at least nine million blind people in India, six million in China, and seven million in Africa.

- 80% of blindness is avoidable (either treatable 60% or preventable 20%)

I think I just figured it out though. I think that in Denmark all those nice and friendly Danes really aren't. They won't help blind people so the blind just get out and do it themselves. Hmmmm...

AND I just thought again... : ) They shouldn't be called "Blind People". They should be called "People who are Blind". They are people first, then blind.

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