Friday, April 25, 2008

Michaela has returned!

Michaela is back home now - she made it safe and sound. Needless to say she had a great time and came back; not telling me of all the wonderful things she saw and experienced but who ate the most ice cream, who burps at dinner, who snores at night, etc... You know important nine year old stuff. : ) I'm happy she made the trip and wasn't scared/nervous to leave me. She's getting old... and yes, I'm aware that translates to me getting old - It also makes whosever reading this old too! SO THERE!

Paul came home too, his favorite part of Italy was watching the Italians yell at each other about various things. : ) He didn't leave the hotel much so no exciting news to share...

It's been bright and sunny and even warm. I wore a T-shirt outside!!! In the mornings it feels like a California day in December but it's not freezing so it is nice. Scotty LOVES playing outside now. He loves it so much we have to make sure his shoes and socks are off when he is inside so he won't open the door himself and run around the yard. (The pokey rocks slow him down a bit so we can catch him) Doors here are odd. The front door locks, but the other doors don't have handles on the outside so you can't open them from the outside... which means no additional lock on the inside to prevent it from being opened from the inside. Denmark didn't know Scotty when they designed their doors. : )

Still working on that trip back to the States/Canada...

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