Sunday, April 20, 2008


Everytime I log in and see that picture of us moving here I wonder what on earth I was thinking. Never again will I attempt to transport that many things across the world. We had TEN carry-ons! The cats, all those boxes, the car seats, stroller, the KIDS!!! Ridiculous....

Oh well. I'd like to think I've learned. Our recent trips to Spain and Berlin have been one large suitcase for all of us, a cooler for some snacks, a bag of entertainment items for the kids, and my trusty backpack.

So there is my little thought. : ) ...and perhaps one of the more vaulable things I've learned from this whole experience thus far.

Other valuable things I've learned:
- I like whatever additives are added to bread to make it as soft as a pillow.
- Free healthcare is nice, and America should take better care of Americans.
- You should be nice and include everyone.
- You shouldn't complain - at least in large groups of people.
- You shouldn't waste things - no matter how cheap they are.
- Cars should really just be to transport people, not look pretty.
- A good school is crucial for a parents happiness.

Michaela leaves for Copenhagen tomorrow. I helped her pack (light). May as well teach her now huh? I wonder if that means my mom should have taught me... hmmmmm : )

Well, I think Scotty is finally asleep so I can haul my big belly up the stairs and go to bed too. night.


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