Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Find Scotty

I really only see kids out walking around when it is in a big group like this one. The daycares and preschools take ALL the kids out places, they ride the buses and go to grocery stores or shopping centers... I never see parents with just their own kids unless it is a baby in a stroller.

Scotty is the only one without a snowsuit on. Me being the silly American that I am thought that snowsuits were for snow. Nope. They are really "Cold-Wind-Rain-Hail-Mud-Suits" If Scotty liked his more I'd make him wear it now that his favorite thing to do is play in mud puddles.

Scotty hung out with this little group of kids for a bit. He had fun running in circles with the other boys. He talked to them a few times and I laughed... People could have easily thought he was speaking Danish. :)

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